How to Know when to retire a Bra

How to Know when to retire a Bra

We've all done it, kept a bra way longer than its intended lifespan. Whether it is because it's comfortable and worn in, or because we don't want to start the process over of trying to find that perfect one (discontinued favorites anyone?!), either way, we want to educate our buyers on when it is time to ditch the delicates and buy again. Holes, Runs, and Distress This one should be obvious, if you're well-loved lingerie has any need for repair, it's time to upgrade. The most common spots for holes in a bra are on the outer edge of cups from repeated adjustment. The same goes for underwires that are popping out. Please DO NOT keep a bra that is stabbing you! You deserve better than that! Straps won't stay up

It's normal to need to adjust the length of your straps occasionally due to stretched elastic or washing machine movements. But if you find yourself needing to adjust the straps all day long, or after every washing, it is probably time to replace them. You're on the inner clasp and not feeling supported

This is a BIG one. Many times women think being able to fit the clasp on the tightest setting is good, but the truth is if your bra is as tight as it can be fitted, but not supporting you- it's time to go! All of our support and lift comes from the band. Ideally, when you purchase a bra, it should fit on the loosest clasp, so that over time as the band loses elasticity, you can tighten accordingly. You don't feel confident wearing this bra

Last but certainly not least, you should feel GOOD in your bra. Of course, we all have those comfy Saturday, laundry day, lounge bras, and keep those! But if your beautiful bra once made you feel lifted, supported, and sexy, but now it doesn't? Ditch it!


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