Proper Washing of your Lingerie

Proper Washing of your Lingerie

Depending on the material and item, there are a few ways to clean your bras and underwear. Today we're talking through the proper washing techniques for lingerie so you get the most out of your purchase.


Handwashing When it comes to lace, satin, or embellished materials, we suggest a gentle hand wash with cold water. Try not to use a detergent with harsh chemicals, but look for a specific "delicates" detergent, or even a baby detergent will be gentle enough to protect the colors and material.


Machine Washing

If machine washing is needed, make sure to use a laundry bag to protect your clasps and elastics. Before placing your items in the bag, clasp all bras to prevent damage to lingerie and other garments in the machine. Need a wash bag? Here is one of our favorites. As always, we suggest a gentle detergent to preserve the color and vibrancy of your items.


Drying Your Lingerie

Never put any delicates into a dryer. Line dry or hang bodysuits, teddies, robes, and longer items. Lay flat your bra, panty, and smaller items. Allow to air dry in their best shape. Worried about wrinkles? Never iron your intimates, too much heat can melt elastics and synthetic lace materials. Instead, hang your item and apply light steam to help wrinkles fall out. Never rub or wring out materials, but a gentle tug while steaming can help.


Folding and Storing Bras and Panties The best way to store your lingerie is stacked in its' original shape. Never turn a bra cup inside out or fold into itself. This ruins support and structure. Using a bra organizer can be a great way to store your items and also see your available options. Here is a great one.


Taking care of your intimates can really extend their lifespan. And when you find that favorite piece- you know the one- you're going to want to care for it well. Show your underwear love, and it will love you right back.

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