The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Panties

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Panties

When it comes to basic undergarments, there are many different types of panties to choose from. Whether you're looking for comfort, support, or a bit of sexiness, there's a style of panty that will fit your needs. Here's a rundown of some of the most popular types of panties available:

  1. Briefs

Briefs are the classic, full-coverage panties that most women are familiar with. They offer a lot of coverage and support, making them a great choice for everyday wear

     2. High-Waisted Panties

High-waisted panties are a retro-inspired style that have become popular again in recent years. They offer full coverage and support, while also creating a flattering, vintage-inspired silhouette.

    3. Boyshorts

Boyshorts are a style of panty that offers more coverage than briefs or bikinis. They have a low rise and a square cut that resembles men's underwear

     4. Bikinis

Bikinis are similar to briefs, but they have a lower rise and less coverage on the sides. They're a great choice for wearing under low-rise pants or skirts.

     5. Thongs

Thongs are a popular choice for women who want to avoid visible panty lines. They have a narrow strip of fabric that runs between the cheeks, making them virtually invisible under tight clothing.

    6. G-strings

G-strings are similar to thongs, but they have an even narrower strip of fabric that runs between the cheeks. They're often considered to be the sexiest type of panty.


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